Coffee is the start of any conversation in Holland, be it business or pleasure.


Traditional wooden shoes (clogs). Still worn by around a million people in Holland.


The staple food in The Netherlands. The older, the better. But that is personal and only counts for cheese.


Eating Chinese food became a verb that sounds like you're eating Chinese people: 'We gaan Chinezen'.
Patatje Oorlog

Patatje Oorlog

Chips - mayonaise - curry sauce - peanut sauce - finely cut raw onion. Interesting combination.


Preferred set of wheels for young and old to cruise the streets of Amsterdam.


National flower of Holland, originally from Turkey.


Group courses: beginner, intermediate, advanced, advanced +

Duration: 10 weeks, one lesson per week of 1 hour
Rate: R2275

Still only online group courses. Private lessons can be in person.
Pinelands-SASNEV: –
Oranjezicht-City Centre: –

Please find more detailed information about all courses here.

Private lessons: scheduled by mutual agreement at SASNEV in Pinelands; Oranjezicht, Brackenfell, southern suburbs or at your home or office.

Rate: R480 per hour. Travel costs can be charged extra.

Skype lessons
Location is no longer an issue as we also offer lessons via Skype. With the use of interactive media, our lessons are no less personal than if you were in the same room as one of our teachers.

Rate: R480 per hour.

Language levels according to the Common European Framework for Modern Languages: A1 up to C1

Civic Integration Exam (‘Inburgeringsexamen’)

Preparation for the Dutch ‘Inburgeringsexamen’ – a test that all new Dutch citizens need to pass in order to apply for Dutch citizenship (allowing you to stay in the country for a certain period of time but not entitling you to a Dutch passport). In this course we start from scratch.

Duration: 10 weeks
Location: SASNEV (4 Central Square, Pinelands)
Rate: R4800. Travel costs can be charged extra.

Children (4-18 years)

Wednesday and Friday afternoons we offer Dutch classes for children from 4 to 18 years. There are groups available for kids who hardly speak Dutch. Depending on age and target, a class will take up from 1.5 to 2 hours. Private lessons for (a small group of) children at your home? We can arrange it! Please ask for a quote.

Together with the parents we determine the language target for the children. Tests are according to the DLE (Didactisch Leeftijds Equivalent – Didactic Age Equivalent), Meijerink, CEFR (European Framework for Modern Languages). Lessons are divided into two parts: a language or culture project part (group work, working together, learning from each other) and a part where children work individually at their own pace and level (iPad/Muiswerk/Nieuwsbegrip/CLIL)

iPad education
Learn Dutch is aware of children’s fascination for iPads and how various applications are actually designed to improve language skills. In our Dutch classes for children we make use of iPad education – using apps which teach them new vocabulary and spelling skills.

‘Muiswerk’ (literally translated: mouse work) is the ultimate modern way of adaptive learning for children. By using digital language programs, Muiswerk determines every child’s personal level, while establishing exactly which skills the individual needs to improve. Based on these findings, a personal learning program will be developed – all happening in the online virtual learning space. Our children’s classes use the Muiswerk approach.

Nieuwsbegrip XL
When children start reading, teachers start to make use of the Nieuwsbegrip XL program. With Nieuwsbegrip we practice (online) pronunciation, vocabulary and reading comprehension.

Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)
Learning a language is more than just studying words and grammar. The CLIL programme helps us integrate your work and study vocabulary into the Dutch language. For instance, we ask children to explain to teachers and classmates– in Dutch of course! –what they have learnt at their South African school.

Of course we won’t forget cultural events like: Sinterklaas, Koningsdag, Prinsjesdag, (Kinder)boekenweek!
Minimum age: 4 years.

Duration: 36 to 38 lessons per year; public holidays and school holidays as per South African school holidays.
Location: SASNEV (4 Central Square, Pinelands). Enrolment per term. Price: R295 per child per lesson in group of minimum 4 children).

Private lessons for your children at home or on location? Please ask for a quote.

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